“I have a pebble in my shoe” means there is someone or something causing trouble OR an irritation in your life that is holding you back.

I can relate to this analogy. It seems like every time I go for a walk I end up getting something in my shoe. If it is small, I think it will find its way to the perimeter of the shoe and hide. So, I carry on knowing it’s there but trying to ignore it.

Is it easier to ignore than take the time to deal with it?

Truth: The longer you leave it the harder it is to ignore.

“Focus on the solution, not the problem.”

– Jim Rohn

I don’t know why stopping to rid the pesky intruder is the last option.

  • Don’t want to stop and waste the time.
  • Too much trouble to undo all the laces.
  • Taking off your shoe could open the possibility of getting more debris in.

It makes for a much more enjoyable journey if you deal with the problem and fix it right away.  No matter how small the pebble in your shoe, it distracts from an enjoyable productive journey.

Like in life there are always annoyances that slow you down.

Think about it. There is always something,

You need to learn to deal with things in their inception, then keep going.

Just like the little pebble, life’s irritations are hardly noticeable in the beginning. Recognizing the impact they have on your life seems to blend into the everyday chaos.

I mean really who likes dealing with a problem if it’s not crippling you.

The longer you leave it though it will manifest itself and start to be debilitating.

The big things are easier to recognize, but probably started off small. Still, ignoring it seems to be easier than dealing with it.

Solve the problem or leave the problem. Do not live with the problem.

These little irritants can be physical or emotional.


At first it can become a source of solace from anxiety.

Then it evolves to social drinking at the end of a busy work day. Simple enough but then it starts to intrude on family time.

In extreme heart wrenching cases alcohol becomes your reason to live, your best friend.

This is a debilitating boulder in your life now. It has slowed your journey to a halt from the sores and heart ache it has caused. Now it’s a big problem to deal with.

Other addictions start the same way. Small, harmless, barely noticeable till one day you wake up and wonder how you ended up in this puddle of distress.

Deal with your problems, before they deal with your happiness.

Get rid of the rubble when it’s small.

Sometimes small things over a long period of time can be even more harmful than big things.

They can penetrate our very being and become part of us.

The who you were meant to be disappears.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Feelings like disappointment, embarrassment, resentment, anger, jealousy, and fear are tell-tale signs something is making your journey difficult. All these blankets of emotion can skew your perspective.  Take the time to shake out lingering annoyances that have led to this state of mind.

No one can destroy iron, but its own rust can. Likewise, no one can destroy a person’s journey but one’s own mindset can.

Pebbles in your life.

  • Excuses
  • Beliefs
  • Negative Habits
  • Your Behaviours
  • Your Health
Weight Loss

If you were 5 pounds overweight and you got rid of the extra weight right away, problem solved.

If you waited until you were 50 pounds overweight, now you have a big problem. Maybe your health, like diabetes and arthritis.

The small pebble that you ignored grew into a big problem that basically changed your way of life. What you could enjoy and do before is gone.

Small problems left unattended become big problems.

Take the time to rid your life of any annoying debris no matter how small.

Do a self check of your life on a regular basis.

The opportunity to live life is a gift.

The ability to choose your own path can be exciting.

How you mentally and physically equip yourself makes all the difference.

  • How you deal with challenges, and there will be some.
  • How you take care of your body, a temple for your soul.
  • How you enjoy the journey no matter what.
  • Show gratitude and grace for the good days and bad days.

A side benefit is without the tough part of your journey, you could not appreciate the plateaus.

Take the time to empty your life of anything that slows you down from reaching your destination – your best life.

“A distracted existence leads us to no goal.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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