Nature doesn’t hurry. But everything is accomplished.

The Master Gardner

There are always life lessons in nature.  Why not, we are all placed on Mother Earth with a biological function to come alive, evolve and then die off.

What better way to observe in fast time the purpose of life?

I came across the parody of the Master Gardner and the Mulberry Bush.

And so, it goes…

The Mulberry bush was planted close to a big oak tree.  This little bush so admired the mighty Oak with its expansive branches reaching out providing much needed shade for the Master Gardner on a hot day.

The little Mulberry bush wished and wished and wished he could grow tall and be as grand as the Oak tree.

I identify with this eager little bush.  I too always had big dreams.  I don’t know where it came from but let’s call it self confidence or admiration of those in the winning circle.

One day the Master Gardner came and began to prune back the little bushes branches.

“Why did this happen!” said the Mulberry bush “I tried so hard to be the best I could be, as tall as I could be”.

I am this little mulberry bush!

Working Hard To Build A Life

I was working hard to build a life where I was productive and proud of my accomplishments. I had balance for spiritual, family, self and work. Until one day I got chopped down at the knees.

My health was ruined by putting my faith in a medical system that let me down. It took 5 years and 7 doctors to figure out what was making me sick. Five long years of pain, and inability to function normally led me to near death and an operation that saved my life but not some body parts. It was a hellish journey and my life as I knew it was gone.

Both the Mulberry bush and myself ended up nothing more than a useless stump.

The seasons passed, the snow fell, the winds blew but the little bush didn’t care. His dreams were gone. My dreams were gone.

Everything Has A Purpose

Spring appeared with flowers blooming and warm breezes blowing.

The little bush saw on himself leaves, and blossoms emerging from his little branches. Then fruit, bounteous amounts of fruit. “What is happening to me,” he said to himself.  “I have never felt so alive, so vital, so important”.

The Master Gardner came one day with his whole family excited to feast on all the berries.

The Mulberry bush admitted “I was never meant to be an oak tree; I was meant to provide sustenance not shade”.

This story was a lightning bolt epiphany for me.

I was trying hard at being the best I could be. Determined, hard working and focused on making the world a better place for family and community.

Over the past decade I have gone in a different albeit enjoyable direction. I am starting to blossom but I need to have faith and be patient for the fruits of my labor.

The Master Gardener has planted me where I need to be.

Just like the seasons change, we must learn to accept change in our lives.

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