Life is like a puzzle. Without all the pieces it’s not complete.

I’m not an expert on puzzle mastery, but I learned a lot by watching the experts. There is a starting place that is important.

Step 1 – Assemble the corners:

I soon realized this was a smart move. Assembling the corners gave you a start to a framework for the rest of the puzzle. These were pieces you could count on being a good starting point.

Life is like a puzzle. Consider the importance of setting your corner pieces or corner stones in place when building the framework for a balanced life.

Granted everyone’s life or puzzle looks very different. Some have a more complicated life like a 1000-piece puzzle. Where some lives have fewer pieces. Nevertheless, securing your life’s plan with your cornerstones in place is a good idea.

Deciding the 4 most important pieces for a successful life can look different for everyone but to find a balanced life they probably are similar.

My Top 4 Cornerstones:

1. Spiritual Status

At some point you need to address your beliefs. This is really the foundation to build your life around. Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going after this life?

It’s important to realizing you are part of the bigger puzzle in life. You have the ability to make a big difference in the world around you. Finding my faith started at an early age. I have memories as a child walking to church alone. It sounds bizarre but it was a weekly habit.

My parents would come for Easter and Christmas services. When I was a teenager, this quest continued and I aligned with friends that had the same ideals. In choosing a life partner having a faith-based marriage was important to me, and to raise a family in a faith-based home.

2. Personal Passion

What do you want to accomplish in your life? This can be your life’s work or something you enjoy doing in your personal time.

Passion is the joy that makes life worth living. It stimulates every cell in your body. Finding my passion has evolved over the years, muddled in with everyday life. I look back and there is a thread of wanting to help others that comes to the surface.

Whether it was teaching an aerobics class to young moms, teaching teenagers in early morning bible study classes, creating events that brought smiles to people’s faces and raising funds for worthy causes. This passion has continued in writing my blogs hoping to inspire, encourage, empower people to be their best selves.

Making people happy became my passion.

3. Wealth

Sustaining your life will need some sort of income. Decide what is the life you want. Could be a simple cabin in the woods, a less complicated life or a leader of an enterprise helping change the world. Or it could be something in between.

Working became my passion, my hobby, my down time. Accomplishment was something else that gave me joy. Making advancement in dollars in charity work, helping my son run his business, or put money in my pocket –  all fell in the category of progress, it was a win-win scenario.

4. Health

This is something you don’t think of in your younger years. But if you don’t, it will catch up with you sooner or later. Let’s face it if you don’t have your health, your quality of life, no matter what your plan, is gone.

This is where I get a failing grade. I did not worry about myself or my health until I got sick. With this cornerstone not in place it eventually impacted every area of my life. My job, my passion, even my spirituality took a downward turn.

Today that cornerstone is securely in place. My mission now is to make up for lost time.

“There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece has to fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.”
– Deepak Chopra


Step 2 – Assemble the center pieces:

After you have corner pieces in place, now you need to create your dream life in the center pieces.

Usually, the center pieces are the theme of the puzzle. All pieces lead to this end result.

  • This is where you have chosen your spiritual path. Having a solid foundation of your life’s purpose.
  • Your passion is manifesting, and you are living it.
  • You have a trajectory to the life you want to live and the cost associated with it
  • You have found the best program to provide health and longevity and practice it daily.


Step 3 – Fill in the other pieces:

So many pieces left, what to do? How do I get from A-my corner pieces to B-my center pieces-my desired life?

It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture.

You need to pay close attention to how your life is taking shape. Is it moving in the direction you want to go? Make a habit of a regular scheduled self-checks monthly.

Never, never ever force pieces to fit. ‘If it looks like a horse, it’s probably a horse, don’t believe it’s a donkey’.

Sometimes we want so bad to go in a direction that we know is not part of our plan but we feel we can make it work. Chances are it won’t.

A bad choice can take years to recover from.

Special Pieces, Circumstances – Sometimes life can throw us curve balls and there is no way to avoid them.

Actions of other people, world circumstances etc. You get the picture. All that is unpredictable but should never affect the cornerstones of your life. These corner stones at all times should stay securely planted no matter how the world tries to shake them loose. All it means is that your path toward your centerpieces has taken a brief serpentine route to your end goal.

Missing Pieces – What happens if there are missing pieces to your puzzle? A gap that opens up with no plan in place?

It’s a dangerous option letting your subconscious decide for you. It’s easy to fall into bad habits or familiar circumstances that did not work before. Why would they work now?

A puzzle teaches us – “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”
– Aristotle

When broken up each piece is valuable, but does not make for a finished picture or balanced life.

I have known many people that struggled in their life and it was usually because something was missing.

*Saying I’ve never been happy.

*Trying to find happiness and fulfillment from other people.

*Hating to go to work each day.

*Feeling lost and depressed

*Exhibiting jealousy and envy

When people feel this way, they usually end up miserable, self-medicating and not wanting to live this life. Life ends up a sad struggle, for them and for those around them.

“A life not lived is a wasted life.”
– Liam Harding

We need to realize for anything to be successful there has to be a plan put in place.

Our own personal life is no different from a puzzle. Why would you throw pieces to the wind and expect them to end up where you want?

If you are not happy and something is missing, Take the time to figure it out, you’re worth it!

“Life is like a puzzle; it all seems a mess but when it gets fixed it’s awesome.”

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