The last one that parked here is still missing.

Parking Lots were meant to be temporary spots.

They were never meant to be permanent parking spaces.

Extended stays were only for broken down vehicles until they were removed.

Are you stuck?

Are you stuck in a parking lot of your life?

Are you broken down?

Do you want to get moving in your lane again?

It is so easy to get parked in a routine that limits your life.

You don’t recognize who you have become and don’t remember how you got there.

The broken-down fragments of who you wanted to be are a distant memory.

Living Large is the opposite of who you are.

How does this happen?

“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

– Joni Mitchell

Your life plan shifted.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

If you are not continually doing a self check you can get stalled.

Stuck in routine, limited choices, blinded by ‘have to’ duties that have become your responsibility.

Remember When…

There was a time you were in your lane, moving forward toward your best life.

  • Remember when the vision of who you wanted to be, who you were meant to be was so real you could touch it.
  • Remember when you felt alive every day that passed.
  • Remember when you stepped into the person you wanted to be and took off in your lane.

When that fire inside is fresh it’s so easy to keep going.

Minor setbacks are easily removed and you keep going.

When you are in your lane your life just seems to flow effortlessly.

  • One door closes, another door opens.
  • What you need seems to appear easily.
  • You are excited to meet each new day.
  • Challenges can be exciting.

Energy, vitality, health, and happiness is the gas that keeps you going.

The Merge

In my driving history there was one merge I remember that gave me the sweats.  It was a short merge onto a busy highway.  Timing had to be perfect.

I would question “do I stop and wait for a break in traffic?”


“Do I step on it and keep up with the flow of the traffic?”

The answer is step on it and keep up with traffic hoping someone will slow down and let you in.

It always worked somehow but was very scary.

Merging into your lane when you are younger, you have lots of time to ease into your best life.

“Find something you love to do and you will never work a day in your life.”

– Harvey MacKay

The older you get that merge has to be quicker as time is running out.  It’s scary, I know.

You can do it though.

You Can’t Wait

You can’t wait for the perfect month, year or decade.

You can’t wait for the perfect health, wealth or time.

Finding your lane again at an older age should be easier, you have a clearer vision of what you want.

Just jump in and get going.

One good thing about getting older – experience gives you a deeper understanding of what you don’t want.

That seed inside has been germinating for a long time and is ready to sprout.

All you have to do is water it.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

– Lao Tzu

The Fast Lane

If you choose the fast lane what does that mean?

It’s a way of living that is full of excitement, activity, and often danger.

If you are an overachiever maybe this is the lane you prefer.

The passing lane is commonly referred to as a “fast lane”. This is where you want to climb the ladder of success, achieving big dreams and big goals.  Far beyond what would be considered average.

To summarize, Overachievers are interested in career success, and focused on results.

Be Aware!

Overachievement, however, can be unhealthy and contribute to stress, poor relationships, and fear.

Whatever lane you choose in life, just keep moving.

Sometimes it’s a slow merge until you can pick up your speed.

Staying parked makes you stagnant and lost.

I remember as a young mother I was always learning new things: taught aerobics, make up artist, interior decorating teaching seminars and lots of volunteer work.

When it came time to move into a career, I had attained skills that translated into viable experience.

It was after a long illness that I was giving up.

Then I remembered when…

  • I loved to be creative,
  • I loved helping people,
  • I loved being relevant.
  • I loved the sense of achievement.

So here I am merging into my lane again, not the fast lane. I gave that up.

Trying to help lost people find their way to a sustainable, happy and healthy life.  The life you were meant to live.

Life is a journey, but don’t worry you will find a parking spot in the end.

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