“Discouragement is not from God.”

–  Ignatius of Loyola

Are you frustrated with life not turning out the way you wanted?

Do you seem to get a closed door on everything you are trying to accomplish?

Is the flame inside that once gave you vitality and a will to live fading?

Now is the time to find out what you are made of.

Now is the time to recognize what and who is trying to blow out your flame.

Is Your Flame Going Dim?

Sometimes this is referred to as burning out.

It’s when you lose meaning in your life, work, and business, culminating in physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion.The term ‘burnout’ was first coined by Psychoanalyst Herbert J. Freudenberg in the 1970’s. And, it is a major cause for losing your spark.

Don’t Give Up

“Don’t give up.  Normally it’s the last key on the ring that opens the door.”

–  Paulo Coelho

We come into this world with a purpose. Don’t ever think you don’t matter because you do.  

There are so many links that connect to you and your decisions. The ripple effect is endless.

Your purpose is planted deep inside. You can witness little sprouts of it as a child and hopefully blossoms as you mature.

Who Am I?

I look back as an only child I was not distracted by those around me. Sometimes when you have siblings their attributes seep into who you are. Especially if you are in awe of an older brother or sister you may take on their persona. Usually, its not a good fit and you get discouraged. That discouragement can follow you the rest of your life if you let it.

Even though I was a shy child I seemed to be driven by accomplishment and even money. Around 8 years old I would go door to door leaving flyers for my dad’s business.  He said he would award me $10 for every sale resulting from my efforts.

Away I went.

I didn’t recognize I had any talents at the time, but that little thread of determination and creativity served me well as a wife, mother and in my career.

When you think of a Maestro his talents seem pale compared to the virtuosos’ he is conducting. But with out his innate ability to see the big picture the individual musicians could never create a melodious masterpiece.

That’s a gift.

I relate to this analogy as those creative skills ran deep in all I did. The key to my successes was in finding the experts to help make my visions a reality. Not unlike a Maestro.

It took me time to realize…That’s a gift.

If you are lucky enough to know with certainty what you are meant to do in this life, fan that spark anyway you can. Recognize the gifts you have been blessed with. We all have them.

The Challenge

At times, life doesn’t cooperate to provide us what we need to fan that spark.

Don’t give up.

There are things you can do to keep moving in the right direction if you start to lose your way.

I wrote this blog as a reminder as to how I felt when my health got in the way of my dreams.

Career gone, activities gone, energy gone.

I felt myself fading and it scared me.

I felt my spark, my destiny, my purpose was flickering.

It wasn’t as strong as it used to be.

I could still see and feel, really feel my self doing the activities that would lead to my end result but the flame I needed to succeed had gone dim.

A Step Back

Take a step back.

At that point it was time to go back to square one.

I had to focus on my vision board, meditation, and step into who I wanted to be again.

Also make a list of what you like about yourself and your accomplishments.

You really are awesome, right?

Baby steps.

“When that light within begins to dim, fan the flame just enough to spark something.”

– Sanio Lendayi

It can be done

No matter what, don’t let that flame go out!

“Don’t let any feeling of discouragement pray upon you, and in the end, you are sure to succeed.”

–  Abraham Lincoln

Something To Realize

  • Sometime the disappointments in life are a necessary step to reach your destiny.
  • Accepting everything that comes into your life is molding you.
  • Release control, follow your gut.
  • Don’t resist.

Flame Extinguishers

  • The world is full of people that don’t want the best for you.
  • Don’t be a pawn
  • You need to have faith even when you have poured your heart and soul into something.
  • Maybe there will be a fork in the road.
  • There will be a better opportunity on the other side of that limited environment.

Stop resisting start resting. That’s when the answers come.

How To Fan The Flame

  • Take the scenic route instead of the freeway.
  • Give a gift or service to someone in need.
  • Plan a fantastic trip – even if it isn’t in the cards just yet.
  • Donate your unwanted items to a local charity.
  • Strike up conversation with a stranger.
  • Update your vision board.

“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged people who kept on working.”

– Kim Bryant

“The only way to keep the fire goin’ Is to outrun the wind.”

– Brooks & Dunn
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