“Your body is your vehicle for life.”

– Myo Perth

Do we take better care of our cars than our body?

There is nothing better than having a brand-new car.

Nothing to worry about but the open road and where you are going.

Just fill the gas tank and go.

In show room condition, all components are topped up, checked, double checked ready to bring safety and enjoyment to the new owner.

It would be nice to have this confidence till the end of time, but with all things come a maintenance program. If ignored your driving experience can take a turn for the worst.

At this point guess work alone to figure out why your car won’t run should be left to the experts.

Trying to fix it yourself and duck tape parts won’t last long.

The lesson to keep your car in peak running performance you must keep up with its needs.  Daily, monthly and yearly attention to keep this baby purring.

“The body is a temporary vehicle. Without the soul, the body is like a car without a driver. “

– Radhanath Swami

Our Human Machine

Our human machine is very similar.  As years go by wear and tear on our bodies takes its toll on how we can perform.

Thinking of the times I slipped down the rabbit hole with my health, vitality and ambition, I thought of my car.  Funny association but here I go.

When you are a highly functioning human your fine-tuned body didn’t get there on its own.

Special attention has been given to sleep, exercise and food. There also must be a balance in work to fun ratio.

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”

– Jim Rohn

Wiggle Room & Bounce Back Time

When you are younger there is some wiggle room for random times of putting bad substances in your tank.  As we get older though the bounce back time takes longer.

Do we take better care of our cars than our body?

We would never think of putting anything but the best fuel and oil in our car.

Sometimes with our bodies we don’t think twice filling up on toxic sugars, oils and preservatives in foods that animals won’t even eat.

Our bodies are resilient. It will process just about anything for us. In due time this neglect will catch up manifesting disease and an interruption of bodily functions.

During times of stress my go to addiction items start sneaking into my diet.


  • I start wondering what’s up with my human engine?
  • I don’t start up easily.
  • I am slow both mentally and physically.
  • I don’t want to leave the house.
  • My fuel consumption has increased.

Basically, I would be considered running rough.

My Younger Years

I used to be confident with my ability to function at peak performance.

  • Energy was there when I needed it.
  • Physically I had endurance to put in long days.
  • I ate Grade A food that sustained me long hours.
  • I was active and running smooth.

What Happened?

Over time, I had begun disrespecting my body.

Our body tries to do what it can on poor food, lack of sleep, being over worked and stressed. But after awhile it starts to break down.

On my downward spiral…

I remember when my Dad was in the hospital, I would drive the opposite direction to my home to check on him after work.

Facing a long journey home, I would pick up a fast-food meal to destress.

A decade earlier I would go to my aerobics class to destress.

How did my lifestyle change so drastically?

SLOWLY, by neglecting my needs.

Stress, work, family filling up any empty spaces.

In place of putting my needs first, I was putting a band aid on my needs to get me through.

Loving yourself takes time, and who has time when you are managing a busy life.

(They call this the sandwich generation; you have kids and parents to look after. Probably a career too.)

Emergency assistance needed.

Good News, help is on the way. Leave it to the expert!

The body can heal itself if given the proper environment.

A self maintenance program is designed to generate, propagate and communicate what needs to be done to get you in proper running order again.

“The body is a self healing organism so it’s really about clearing things out of the way so that the body can heal itself.”

– Barbara Brennan

Going Back to My Roots.

I realized in my early mothering years, I needed to de-frag after a long day managing 5 kids.

Exercise was my saviour.

It was a physical and mental rejuvenator.

I gained an interest in learning how to help my body keep up with my have to and want to demands.

A healthy body is maintained by

  • good nutrition
  • regular exercise
  • avoiding harmful habits
  • proper sleep
  • managing stress

“You Just Have to Believe our bodies are meant to heal, to function in perfect order. To eat well, think well, move well and feel well.” 

– Healing Touch

When I went down the rabbit hole of ill health, I basically failed at all of the above. Really, they all have a domino effect on each other.

Weight gain, limits your exercise, then you pick up bad habits to manage stress which all results in poor sleep habits. It’s a package deal.

Switching out bad habits for good habits- not as easy as it sounds.

Getting rid of bad habits is rough but it can be done.

Give yourself 21 days to replace a bad habit with a good habit and the good habit will become your new best friend.

This is just one simple step to move your health in the right direction.

Self-Healing Activities

  • Have a mindset of health, vitality and love always.
  • Listen to motivational speakers and music.
  • Feed your body with healthy fuel.
  • Show gratitude and release stress through meditation.
  • Find activities that fill you with joy.
  • The secret to a long, happy and healthy life is within your power.

You need to tap into the universal energy that reacts, reflects and supports your mindset. Think Strong Healthy Body. In turn your body and universal energy come together – that’s where the magic happens.

No mechanics needed.

“The Natural Healing Force within each of us, is the greatest force in getting well.”

– Hippocrates
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