“When life puts you in tough situations, don’t say “why me” just say “try me”.”

– Dwayne Johnson

The Bible story of David and Goliath is found in the book of Samuel in the Old Testament. The story is a key Christian teaching about faith, courage, commitment, and resilience. David knew for sure that God would not let him die by Goliath’s sword. 

“The body achieves what the mind believes.”

– Napoleon Hill

What can we learn from this story?

  • David knew his enemy thus understanding Goliath’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • More than that he had the faith he could overcome and conquer.

Are there times in your life where faith, courage, commitment and resilience is needed?

Maybe the Beast in your life is distracting your journey and you don’t know it.

Do we recognize what this Beast is or has it become part of who we are?

Things To Think About…

Life can be overwhelming.

It can sink your intentions and dreams.

Know this. Don’t lose your focus, stay on course.

Understand what is sidetracking you from your intended goal and figure out how to slay it.

These dark and beastly hindrances can leave you wondering, “will I ever become a victor.”

There is a way so don’t give up.

Identify the Beast within.

Knowing this enemy is essential.

See it, feel it, know its strengths and weaknesses.

Know the power you have.

This awareness must be embedded into your subconscious.

Say to yourself over and over…

I am strong…I am determined…I am invincible, I CAN DO THIS!

To Win…

David needed to do two things to win.

  1. He had to recognize what he was up against.
  2. He had to have the faith he could win.

David knew Goliath was a giant in stature. This beast was bigger, stronger and wielded a superior sword. He also knew Goliath was probably overconfident, leaving him unprepared.

David had to use this information to outsmart him.

The solution ended up being quite simple.

David hurls a stone from his sling and hits Goliath in the center of his forehead. Goliath falls on his face to the ground unconscious. David cuts off his head.

If David lacked the confidence to overcome this challenge the ending would have been very different. You hesitate and doubt yourself you lose.

We too have that same inner power David had.

The power is Self-Faith and faith in a higher Source who is always there to guide us.

“There’s really an attitude to winning. You have to see yourself winning before you win. And you have to be hungry. You have to want to succeed.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

David went into battle prepared both physically and mentally.

Now It’s Time For You To Take Action

When you have a beast lurking in the shadows of your soul, you need to take action.

  • Faith helps you get through it.
  • Faith remembers other times you made it through.
  • Faith teams with hope and believes in the impossible.

Whether you have a spiritual base in religion, the universe, or some other source, this is an uplifting story showing the ability to overcome against all odds.

The Bad News most often is that our day-to-day challenges are beyond our control.

The Good news is we can crush them.

Also, what seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.

The Beast within can sometimes be your friend because it causes change. Or, it can be your enemy because it takes you down.

It all depends how you approach it.

Recognizing The Beast Within

“Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself, you are sure to be defeated in every battle.”

– Sun Tzu

We have addressed the obvious Beast that takes us off course like addiction. But there are more elusive ones that we don’t readily detect.


If you look at your life, are you at peace or do you feel in turmoil?

Beasts that can be a burden

  • Greed
  • Materialism
  • Ambition
  • Envy
  • Anger
  • Pride
  • Negativity

If these are banished, you will infallibly enjoy perpetual peace.

How To Slay The Inner Beast

  • Find serenity in nature.
  • Meditate, connect with your spirit.
  • Gratitude.
  • Own your mistakes, but don’t let them take you down.
  • Love yourself.
  • Practice acceptance and contentment.
  • Think good thoughts.

“Change your mindset, change your life.”

– Garrain Jones

These protective weapons help us “extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one.” (Ephesians 6:16).

David not only had faith in God he had faith in himself.

The Beast, the evil one, constantly seeks to attack us by shooting arrows of doubt, temptation, anger, and deception into our hearts and minds, causing us to fall.

“I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can control what goes on inside.”

– Wayne Dyer

“I stopped fighting my inner beast, we are on the same side now.”

– Darynda Jones
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